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The 3 M's for Learning Anything. Mindset, Motivation, & Method

Mindset, Motivation, Method. The 3 M’s that drive growth and success. Not so long ago I read ‘Limitless’ by Jim Kwik and one of my biggest takeaways from his book was this approach to learning. This trifecta provides the foundation for your development and once you have a solid understanding of the 3 M’s you can construct a solid foundation and build upon it. Having a strong foundation is key for developing new habits, skills, and disciplines.

The concept, while quite simple, is incredibly powerful and if you look back through your life at any change or a new skill that you developed you will undoubtedly have used this approach without realising.

Let’s explore the 3 M’s and how this concept can aid you in your quest for growth and developing your new Salesforce skills;

Mindset - I believe that this is the most important of the 3, while a lack of either will hamper your progress, the lack of the correct mindset will be the most debilitating. When speaking about having the right mindset I am referring to a section of your core values and beliefs. There are millions of books that delve into the concept of the mind and how to build a positive, robust and productive mindset and I could write post after post about the impact that the right mindset can have but in short here are a couple of traits that I would suggest are vitally important when it comes to learning any new skill such as Salesforce;

  • The Learner’s Mindset - Be aware that you don’t know everything, in fact I would suggest you begin with the mindset that you know nothing! This will help you approach your studies with an open mind, with no preconceived ideas or ego and as such will allow you to make progress quickly.

  • Discipline - Once you set your study schedule or goal stick to it, there are always going to be things that come up that could derail your plans. Don’t let them become excuses, stick to the path and continue your journey.

  • Grit - Along your journey you are going to get stuck, you are going to hit roadblocks, it could be a concept that you just can't quite nail down. It might be those around you questioning why you want that next certification and what difference it will actually make. Show grit and determination and keep going, a great quote from one of my favourite films of all time illustrates this point - “Going in one more round when you don't think you can - that's what makes all the difference in your life" - Rocky.

  • Positivity - Believe it is possible, keep your head up and keep that positive outlook. There will be naysayers who say that it can’t be done, or that it is too difficult, ignore them and keep going. You may score poorly on a mock exam, good, now you know where to focus your studying. Throughout my sales career I was always amazed that by keeping an upbeat and positive attitude I was able to see opportunities that others could not.

Motivation - If you don't know why you want to achieve your goal then you are going to find it pretty hard to keep going and pushing when times get tough. Really dig deep in yourself and understand why it is that you want to achieve your goal or get your next certification, is it for recognition? For a pay increase? So you can land a better job? Perhaps just to prove a point to yourself or others? There is no shame in having a selfish reason for striving for improvement, my drive comes from being told I can't do something. I don’t mean that in a childish “you can’t have that chocolate” but from a more egotistical “you don't have the ability to do that”. I love proving the doubters wrong! What's important here is you really understand why you want to achieve your goal, without understanding the why, you will lose that desire rather rapidly and never reach your goal.

Method - We’ve touched on this in previous posts so I won’t bore you with a long-winded explanation, just know that having the correct method when it comes to reaching your goals will play a huge part in your success. It's rather difficult to get in the best shape of your life if you spend all your spare time sitting on the sofa, eating Ben and Jerrys, and watching Netflix.

And there you have it, the 3 M’s. Before you approach any goal or objective make sure that you spend the time to really understand your 3 M’s!

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