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Why Create This Website?

Everyone is doing it so why shouldn’t I? Haha, not quite, while it does seem like everyone is starting their own blog and everyone is an expert I thought I could add a different voice to the noise. I'll be 100% honest with you, I am no expert, I am not the most articulate and you will find errors (and I mean multiple!) among my posts but what I will do is tell it to you straight, no faff, no fluff, just old fashioned straight talking.


I like to imagine that we are friends, sat in a coffee shop catching up, shooting the breeze, talking about anything and everything. One of my traits is that I'm straight-talking, if I mess up, I put my hands in the air and say "Yeah, I screwed up, let me fix it" and I expect that of others. So dear friends, if I screw up in one of my posts please don't hesitate, call me out on it. We all learn by making mistakes, it's just part of growing.

I think it’s important to be clear about the purpose of this website, my aim is to give back to the world and the people that have helped me. Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to be guided and inspired by some incredible people, while I have only retained a fraction of the information passed on to me, in the true spirit of paying it forward I hope to pass some wisdom and knowledge on to you my dear readers.

Here are the promises I make to you;

  • To speak with you honestly and in simple terms with minimum ‘fluff or filler’. I’ll try and limit the jargon where possible.

  • To share with you as much knowledge as I can, I’m certainly no expert and don’t pretend to be, there will be information that is imperfect and I apologise in advance for that.

  • To help whoever I can, whenever I can.

  • To publish every week. There will be times then this is not possible due to work commitments, holidays etc but I try my best.

  • To provide valuable content that you will find useful, not just publishing articles for the sake of it or to increase post counts

While the majority of this website will be focused on Salesforce I will undoubtedly cover other topics, after all, variety, is the spice of life, and over the last 15 years I have read a lot of books, tried a lot of things, made a hell of a lot of mistakes, and learnt a lot of what I consider valuable skills and life lessons.  I aim to share them with you, you might like some of them, you might think some are stupid and pointless. Think of this website as a menu at a restaurant, pick and choose what you like and discard the rest, I wont be offended (much!)

What I Aim To Discuss

As I mentioned earlier I will primarily focus on Salesforce as that is my passion, I want to help others learn Salesforce and become more proficient and skilled in the art of Salesforce design and configuration.  I feel like I am in a unique position in the fact that I only discovered Salesforce 10 months ago and have been able to acquire 7 certifications and build up a wealth of knowledge in a relatively short time. If you want to learn Salesforce and have never seen it before, I know how you feel, I know what you see and I know just how huge and intimidating it seems.


Don't worry, I will try my best to help you, I may fail and may not explain things as clearly as needed but I will give it my damn best shot.

Apart from Salesforce I have a wide range of interests such as productivity, reading and self-development.  But before you quickly close the page thinking "Oh no, he's one of those guys!" I'm not going to tell you that positive thinking will magically manifest that 40ft yacht you've been dreaming of.  I will share with you how I learn, how I perform to the best of my abilities and how I ensure that I am as productive as I can be.

Notice all those references are about how I learn or what I am capable of, there are many, many more people out there who are far more successful, far more productive, and in a much better place to coach and mentor you and I bow to their knowledge and experience, however, as the famous saying goes "every little help!"

If you want to know a little more about me please visit the About Me page

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