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If you are looking for Clear, Concise, and Comprehensive Salesforce Training head to Get Force Certified, where you can find all of my Salesforce Certification Courses!

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Anyone Can Learn Salesforce

I'll Show You the Quickest, Simplest, and Most Effective Way to Learn Salesforce

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I'm a 8 x Certified Salesforce Consultant with a deep interest in learning, productivity, and helping others fulfil their potential.


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FREE Guide for Passing the Salesforce Administrator Exam

It took me 7 weeks to go from a complete novice of Salesforce (that is having never even seen a Salesforce Org) to passing my Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam!

I was working full time in a completely unrelated field and could only commit part time hours to studying.  To ensure that I passed my exam and became a Salesforce Certified Administrator I put together a highly effective and efficient plan that enabled me to retain the maximum amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

If you want a copy of that plan click below and I will send it to you for free!


Salesforce is the world's #1 CRM and it is estimated that there will be an estimated 3.3 million jobs created in the ecosystem by 2022.  With the impact of the Covid pandemic and the rise in remote working and cloud-based computing, Salesforce has grown from strength to strength.

There is a huge shortage of talent and as such, the job opportunities and career potential are huge, while it's easy to get to grips with the basics becoming an expert is a little trickier but well worth the effort.

I will help teach you what I know through sharing my techniques, my exam guides, and tips to help you pass your Salesforce certification exams!


Salesforce is massive! I am yet to meet anyone (including numerous CTA's) who know the answer to every question.  So how do you find that information that you need easily?  In the resources section of course!

I'll provide a solid list of resources that you can use to help ​elevate your learning and understanding.  We are extremely fortunate to live in an age where information is freely available, where you have access to some of the most highly skilled and successful professionals who are more than happy to share their knowledge.


Make the most of these resources as they will help supercharge your development and raise you standards to a new level.




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